Why It’s Time To Ditch Your Bath Mat

FACT: 190K Americans Slip On Wet Bathroom Floors Every Year.* Are Fossils The Solution?

Super Absorbent Pure Diatomaceous Earth
No More Damp Shower Mat
  • Super-Absorbent Diatomaceous Earth Resists Germs 
  • Quick-Dry Porous Surface = Fully Dry In Seconds
  • Non-Slip Design Provides Grip & Safety
  • Safe, Gentle, & Breathable On Skin
  • Minimal Upkeep, Lasts For Years
Sutera Stone Bath Mat
Traditional Bath Mats Are Gross & Dangerous 

Traditional Bath Mats Are Gross & Dangerous 

Make This Simple Bathroom Switch For Increased Safety & Hygiene 

Traditional bath mats are made from cheap fabrics that take forever to dry and leave puddles on the bathroom floor. It’s beyond gross... it’s an accident waiting to happen. According to the CDC, over 190,000 Americans slip on wet bathroom floors every year! Fabric bath mats are also breeding grounds for bacteria, which can transfer to your body and cause skin irritation or foot fungus.

Fortunately, there’s now a more hygienic way to dry your feet and keep your bathroom floor safe from slipping hazards. The Sutera Stone Bath Mat is made of 100% top-grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) — a quick-drying, anti-slip material that absorbs water in seconds and fully evaporates it in minutes. And since DE doesn’t ever need to be washed or lose its drying power, it can keep your bathroom floor clean, dry, & safe for decades.

“Water droplets literally vanish in seconds... ” 

See how Sutera Stone Bath Mat can keep your bathroom dry, clean, no-slip, & germ-free.

Dries Quickly = Never Soggy, Smelly, or Slippery


The Sutera Stone Bath Mat: 
Transform The Look, Smell, & Feel of Your Bathroom

Our customers report feeling cleaner, safer from slipping, and even comfier in their bathroom with The Stone Bath Mat. With its elegant look and texture, it also feels like a luxury upgrade from traditional fabric mats.
soaks-up moisture
Unique porous texture soaks-up moisture immediately, keeping the floor clean and dry
No-slide surface
No-slide surface and floor-grip mat prevent slipping, making the bathroom a safer place
Water evaporates
Water evaporates from material quickly = helps eliminate moist environment where mold thrives.
zero washing
Needs zero washing. Simply sand with the included tool to remove any spots & reactivate pores

Get The Last Bath Mat You’ll Ever Need  

Order Sutera Stone Bath Mat today and see why so many are raving about this “thirsty mat”

The Sutera Stone Bath Mat is NOT your old bathroom rug... 

See How it Beats Traditional Mats in Every Way

Sutera Stone Bath Mat
Traditional Bath Mat

Feels so Clean!

Diatomaceous Earth’s feels amazing on the feet and since it dries quickly it inhibits the moist environment where mold thrives. 

Active Cooling Technology

Dries fast to prevent sogginess, slime, & odor buildup 

Super Absorbent  

Soaks in water droplets in seconds, drying your feet right out of the shower 

Safe, Non-slip Surface

Gives a firm grip for feet & adheres to where you placed it on the floor, helping to prevent slips 

Zero Washing Needed

No more stinky, dirty rugs to wash! Just sand + air-dry as needed

The Verdict Is In:

Americans Love Sutera Stone Bath Mat

Here’s what verified customers are saying: 

“This is the best bath mat I've ever used. No more soggy cloth to have to worry about, it dries almost instantly and looks great!” 

Jason B.
Verified Customer

“Absorbs quickly and dries quickly. No slipping or excess water on my bathroom floor. Matches my bathroom and doesn't need to be washed. Very simple and efficient. Profile aligns with my bathroom.” 

Justin N.
Verified Customer

“Love the product. Can't believe how absorbent it is. I had family over at my place and they saw the product nd now they want one too.” 

Joel R.
Verified Customer

“This is a real, hardworking ‘foot pad’... No doubt the best I’ve ever had.” 

Keep your feet clean, dry, and safely planted on the bathroom floor with The Sutera Stone Bath Mat. 

Sutera Stone Bath Mat 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Help. Find Answers.
  • How does Diatomaceous Earth actually work?

    Diatomaceous Earth, or DE, is a naturally occurring, powdery-white material from the fossilized remains of sea organisms. DE carries a negative charge, which can attract certain positively charged bacteria, fungi, and heavy metals. Plus, DE’s ultra-porous surface allows it to absorb water in seconds and then evaporate that water in minutes. 

  • How do I actually use it?

    The beauty of The Sutera Stone Bath Mat is, it’s cleaner and more hygienic than any traditional bath mat yet works just the same. Simply step on the surface and feel it immediately absorb the moisture. The absorbed moisture quickly evaporates, leaving your bathroom floor dry and clean.

    How often does it need to be washed?

    Never! The Stone Bath Mat is a stone — it’s not made of fabric like ordinary bath mats. It never needs to be laundered yet remains clean, dry, and sterile. However, over time, the stone may corrode slightly or you may notice small flaws in the surface. All you have to do is lightly sand it with the included sanding tool to restore a perfect surface and “reactivate” its absorption power.

    Does the Stone Bath Mat contain asbestos?

    No, the Sutera Stone Bath Mat does not have asbestos. It is made of 100% natural Diatomaceous Earth and is proven safe on skin. DE is harmless and some varieties of it are even labelled ‘food-grade’ or safe to ingest. 



We’re so confident you’ll love Sutera Stone Bath Mat we’re giving you 30-days of protection at no extra charge.
Sutera Stone Bath Mat

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Americans are loving how quick-dry, non-slip, affordable, and neat-looking Sutera Stone Bath Mat is.

“I hated stepping on a soggy mat. These stones are perfect.” 

Leave your feet and bathroom floor as clean and dry as a stone.